What our customers say:

The Card & Cookie box was received and loved. I appreciate you working with me via email and text, I am very grateful for your accommodation. The way you took care of my needs, considering how brief our interactions were, was impressive. Keep up the good work and thank you again!
— RD
I meant to e-mail you on Friday! All my husband and I can say is, YUM, YUM, YUM. Your cookies are just amazing. We split a cookie every day. My husband was telling a co-worker about the Whisky cookie. He took her one of your business cards so she can look up on your website. The triple chocolate was to die for!!! OM. They were all so good to say the least.
— Liz
I have one go out automatically every month to my Stepmother who is in a nursing home. I know she enjoys this because she eats the cookie down right away even if she isn’t eating that day. And I see the cards when I go to visit. Thank you Karen Ross for setting this up!
— Brenda
I’m very excited to receive a special gift from Karen the owner of Card & Cookie of Maine. What a great idea to say thank you to customers/clients or I’m thinking of you to friends and family! So many different kinds. I think I’m in cookie heaven!
— Joshua
I just got THE MOST DEEE-LISH cookie in the mail for Mother’s Day from my dearest friend!!
— Lisa, ME
My friend Karen Ross just opened her new business, and I am so excited! It allows you to send a (beyond delicious) huge cookie to those who have touched your heart or are in need of a hug.
— Lori
Here’s my friend’s new business!! Send a cookie instead of flowers. Oh, so very YUMMY!!
— Lisa
My dear friend, Karen Ross just launched her new AMAZING business, “CARD AND COOKIE OF MAINE”. It lets you send homemade cookies to your friends to celebrate special moments. PLEASE find her Facebook page, like it and *ahem*, send a girl a cookie!!
— LP
This is the best oatmeal raisin cookie I have ever had.
— Joan, PA